If you are looking for an android ROM download, I suggest this stock firmware one. It offers several customization offers without damaging your ROM. Previously, some features were affecting the speed of the phone. The developer team of Evolution X intelligently solved this problem. All the bugs are fixed, and the Latest version is winning people’s hearts. Android users appreciate the custom ROMs for Android phones due to timely updates and several customizations.

best stock firmware

Some of its features include custom toggles, CPU overclocking, LED control, permission control, etc. Also, you can customize your navigation bar without any trouble. MIUI is a ROM developed by Xiaomi; it gives a combined experience of both android and ios. This ROM allows you to change font and icons effectively, child mode, and a huge variety of themes and engines, etc., are available. Some popular devices receive special project custom builds and therefore they are device-specific. One example is DerpFest for Oneplus 5T, in which they offer a pure Pixel experience but with lots of stable features and functionalities.

The official Samsung ROM is likely your best choice if you want a dependable, stable experience with frequent updates. A custom ROM can be a better alternative if you’re seeking for more functionality and customization with additional features. Before installation of ROM install latest Samsung USB drivers and all other prerequisites and follow some tutorial to download the selected Stock ROM on your device.

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  • Omi ROM Supports some devices of Nexus Devices, Oppo, Sony Mobile, Samsung, HTC, Asus, LG brands.
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The devices pages contain information about device specification, Mokee version which displays the Android version, size, and date. The only weird part we found was that it put someone on hold for about 60 seconds before giving a link to download the ROM ZIP file, although the server download speed is good. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Viber to get the latest news, and information about Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Cell, ISPs, mobile apps, and phones in Nepal. To make this list of Best Custom ROMs for Android possible, we have tested multiple Android Rom on various Android Devices that we had lying around. Apart from that some Android Roms in this list are there because of user opinions on Android Forums as well.

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